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Welcome to The Stampys Minecraft Wikia! This site will tell you all about Stampy and the fun adventures he gets up to in his Lovely World!

All the videos on this wikia were made by StampyLongHead. 

Note: I am not Stampy and never will be. Stampy has never visited this wiki yet. I will inform everybody if he does.

Stampy - Youtube Channel Trailer

Stampy - Youtube Channel Trailer


The 'Minecraft Helpers' that appear in Stampys Videos are listed below. (Do note that I may have missed someone out.)
  • L for Lee
  • Ballistic Squid
  • AmyLee33
  • Ank55
  • Finnball
  • LongBow X
  • xXSlashbladeXx
  • Zakman980
  • Salems Lady
  • Epic Big C
  • Crimson Azoth
  • Afro Dan91
  • Rosie833

Also, HitTheTarget98 was a Minecraft Helper until he started creating an evil dog army to take over Stampys Lovely World.                                                                           

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